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Harry Potter Skate Night

Hello my lovely mimosa drinking brunchers! Well if I haven’t said it before Southern California is the greatest place on Earth to be a nerd. Why – we get the big stuff (SDCC, SWCA, etc.) but we also get little gems like the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army 4th Annual Harry Potter Skate Night.

Harry Potter, skating, and a bunch of people who absolutely love everything wizard related – what else could a girl need? It was so fun to attend this night of Harry Potter fun – and it was PACKED!

The films were playing on the screen in the rink as you skated, butter beer was on the menu, and a small selection of Harry Potter related merchandise was for sale. It was a great night to be a Harry Potter fan!

I decided to rep my house, Slytherin, with my socks and shorts I bought from my trip to Wizarding World in February. I of course, carried my wand with me as well!

The only thing that could have made this night more fun was… well, Accio Rollerblades! What can I say I come the ‘blading generation. Anyone remember Brink!?! Until next year Harry Potter Skate Night!!

STAR WARS Celebration Recap

Hello my brunching rebels, jedi, and troopers!
I have just finished up quite possibly the greatest fangirl experience of my life (so far)!
I went to STAR WARS CELEBRATION in Anaheim!!



Essentially, this is a 4 day convention only for and about Star Wars – and can I tell you it was a magical place.
I once over heard at a con someone ask “well what do you like”? The person replied “Star Wars” and their friend replied “that doesn’t count everyone likes Star Wars”…
Well my friends some people like it more and this weekend showed that.People traveled from EVERYWHERE for this event. I met and made friends with prop builders from Belgium, Rebel Legion members from Australia, seasoned 501st troopers from Mississippi, and of course some of my favorite people from the Southern California area. This is the first con I had been to where the majority of attendees were not from SoCal and it was awesome!
Mara Jade in Mandalorian Jail


So how does a STAR WARS Celebration work? Just like any other con – we have 4 days worth of panels, convention floor merch, parties and lines.
Of course you have to live under a rock to not know about Thursdays huge trailer and cast announcements – but did you also know that the Star Wars Battlefront game trailer was announced, Capt Rex from Clone Wars is alive, and their may have been a leaked teaser to Rogue One!!
Overlooking the Front of the Convention Center
I also attended fun panels like prop building – which was all about building guns and armor for Star Wars “cosplay” and Shakespeare Star Wars! Both were smaller panels but gems none the less.


The convention floor is amazing at Celebration. First of all there is tons of merch for sale but we also have a tattoo pavilion where you can ink yourself with your Star Wars love! Another true gem is the 501st Legion Belgium Prop Team. These guys from Belgium literally build the most screen accurate sets then ship them over for photo opps. This year they built an Endor set with a speeder bike, the new speeder from the trailer, and several other sets!

Mara Jade getting “caught” by some scout troopers… Set by the Belgium 501st Team!

The parties were also great! I love that the Anaheim Convention is flanked by hotels so the Marriott bar becomes the place to be! This was true of Wondercon as well… We went there on Friday night and on Saturday night we had the Celebration fan meet up and then Club Cosplay at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Star Wars, wine and new friends make for a great combo!

The costumes were of course amazing. I rocked Mara Jade on Saturday for my photo opps but you always have the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs for great costumes but some of the mash ups were great!

Club Cosplay & Lightsaber Dancing

Club Cosplay & Lightsaber Dancing

Come on Hans “let it go” already

Overall this was the greatest weekend ever!! The next Star Wars Celebration will be July 2016 in London – well gang lets see how many frequent flyer miles I have by then… Until then I will hang here with Jabba and wait for Luke…

PS – A little Star Wars Celebration giveaway will be coming to the blog this week!
Be on the look out!!


Hey Brunchers! Repping your favorite fandom to the office place is not the easiest of tasks…
I am fortunate enough to work in a more casual office place, but this was a look that I put together for a Friday at the office. Very geek chic!

I am representing Doctor Who with my T.A.R.D.I.S. tank from Jordandene. I love her tops because they are subtle fandom and are perfect for layering. They are also a much better quality that other geek chic tanks I have (read you cannot see my bra).

I layered my tank under an awesome metallic shouldered blazer that I got years ago. A good blazer is such a staple for geek chic. You can turn any tee or tank into a dressier look. Paired with dark wash skinny jeans and my favorite Quay sunnies I was ready to head to the office.


100 Days // Spring Cleaning

The the next part of 100 Days of Healthy and Geek Chic we are going behind the home of the blogger. I love love love my home and worked really hard to achieve a space that feels like home.

Now as you probably know I travel a lot leaving my home either pristine and looking untouched for months or in total shambles… this week it would be a tornado kind of week (oh and I am off to the airport again).

I am always a fan of keeping my home visitor friendly at all times and sometimes that requires a good old fashioned scrub down. So last weekend I decided to give my house some shine! I found a site called Fly Lady years ago – she essentially has developed a system for cleaning and keeping your house clean. However, her system only seems to work if you are a stay at home mom to four living in middle America… Not young, single, working and always on the move. But we can retain her principles… So here is my guide to quick cleaning and keeping your home clean.

one // Divide your house/apt/room into sections. For me this is living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, bedroom.

two // Set a timer for 20 mins. For the first 20 mins walk around the whole house/apt/room throwing away all trash and delivering misplaced item to their appropriate spot. So take your shoes to your bedroom and the glass on your nightstand to the kitchen. Don’t get caught up on putting them away or cleaning them, just get everything moved to its right section.

three // Reset for 20 mins. Start in a section – I always start in the kitchen . For 20 mins pick up, put away and clean. Wipe the counter tops, load the dishwasher and get it visually clean. Do this for the entire 20 mins.

four // Move to another section and rinse wash repeat.

five // Take a break… watch ONE episode of TV and don’t get sidetracked here.

five // Tackle 2 more sections at 20 mins each. (All my sections are more or less clean by now)

six // Take another break. (If you have a larger place than add 2 more sections after this followed by a break until you hit all your sections)

seven // Now we sweep, Swiffer wet jet, and vacuum. Done!

A few tips I have…
– I have a caddy with all my cleaning supplies I take from room to room with me.
– I also carry paper towels and a trash bag with me while I am cleaning for anything I find or for Clorox Wipes and paper towels.
– If you need more time in a section add on additional 10 mins then move to a new one. There is something about getting out of one zone and into the other.
– In your bedroom start by making your bed. It is the largest piece of furniture and will make the most visual impact to your cleaning.

5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Magical Items

one // A Lightsaber – a weapon for a more civilized age
two // A Time Turner – get more things done just like Hermione
three // A Broom Stick – so I can wreck the quidditch field
four // A Glass Slipper – because shoes can change your life
five // A T.A.R.D.I.S. – so I can explore all of time and space with the Doctor

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie for hosting as always!!

Wondercon 2015

Hey there my favorite brunching ladies! Last weekend I travelled down to Anaheim for Wondercon.

Wondercon is a rather large con, probably the second largest I go to only surpassed by their parent con SDCC.  I did feel like the this year was a bit smaller, especially the panels. You can read all the amazing things I saw last year here. Sadly my shows were not present.

On Friday we shopped the exhibit hall and I decided to pay tribute to my blog name roots and rock some Rose Tyler (aka Bad Wolf). I was so excited to find a T.A.R.D.I.S. and knew Rose had to step into her favorite big blue box. My Union Jack tee was a Christmas present from my mom, so I was pretty excited to finally wear it!

On Saturday I was so happy to meet several of the bloggers that I have followed at the first ever LA chapter Geek Girl Brunch! The theme of the brunch was everyday cosplay so I went as my favorite blonde kick ass super hero Ms. Marvel. I wore the recently debuted We Love Fine Ms Marvel tank top (complete with built in sash), along with my favorite Black Milk matte leggings, and some matching gold Old Navy slides to channel Carol Danvers.
I am always so amazed by the amazing, smart, and gorgeous women in our little geeky blogging community! Rock on ladies!! In the words of Queen Beyonce – who will run the world, girls!

I was so happy to go to the Her Universe Fashion Show Update panel where we got a sneak peak at the new Avengers collection for Her Universe and Hot Topic. Lets say I desperately want the Black Widow jacket and awesome Loki dress! She also announced that the Her Universe Fashion Show would be coming back to San Diego Comic Con! I am so excited to see another year of amazing geek couture!

Photo Credit: Style By Marvel


100 DAYS // Describe Yourself

Hey Brunchers! As part of the 100 day challenge we were asked to creatively describe ourself.  Being someone who works in creative marketing I decided to use my canvas of choice – photoshop!

100 DAYS // Goals

Hola my brunching amigos! I am back with my 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy personal growth challenge! Today we are establishing some goals. I want to set health goals and geeky goals!

Health Goals:
Run once a week – I am not in training right now but I need to keep my feet on the pavement and a once a week run will keep in the zone for when training will kick in!

Lose 10 pounds – Boom goal! This for me will mainly be through watching my eating habits… I have no problems with working out but when my life gets crazy I tend to go for more take out and restaurants than home cooked healthy foods.

100 Days of Squats – 20 squats everyday for 100 days… because I’m all about that base.

Geek Chic Goals:
Finish my Mara Jade – She is like 90% done and I have just been putting that last few touches off… No more we are finishing this lovely lady off and shipping that app off to the 501st!

Meet Up – I want to meet some of the lovely ladies whose blogs I read in person! Whether it be through Geek Girl Brunch or a Con meet up I want to cross one of these off my list!

Four New Outfit Posts – I want to get back to the geek chic of this blog with some new outfit posts inspired by my favorite fandoms!

What Do I Hope to Learn from the Experience?:
I am hoping to develop habits more than learn something. I want to develop better routines and meet some amazing new geek chic nerdy women!

5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Fangirl Moments

We are back again this week with the 5 Fandom Friday hosted by The Nerdy Girlie.
This week we are talking our 5 Fangirl Moments…
Now working in film I really don’t freak out over actors but I did freak out these times:
one // The new STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer – fangirl all over the place
two // The first time I saw Hogwarts – jaw drop and endless smiles
three //  Stan Lee’s Easter Egg in Big Hero Six – so cute and so amazing
four // Announcing the STAR WARS HALF MARATHON – just let the wookie win
five // Every single time I get the confirmation on my SDCC badge – I dance (seriously)

APRIL // Its All Going Down

Well Brunchers!

It is officially April and this month is going to be a bit nuts and super fun for this bad wolf!

Literally tonight I am heading down south to Anaheim for Wondercon. My favorite Biker Scout (@cpc35), my momma, and I are all spending the weekend taking in all the gloriousness. I am super excited to be attending the first ever Geek Girl Brunch LA!

The next weekend I am heading off to one of my favorite events of the year: The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire. This is an amazing ren fest and is so much fun! The weekend we are going is pirates weekend – so I may need to pick up a hat from Disneyland!

The third weekend of April is the big one: STAR WARS CELEBRATION!! I am beyond excited for this amazing weekend  celebrating my love for all things Star Wars! Mara Jade will be out in full force (hehe the force)!!

As a bonus – Harry Potter Skate Night ends the month!

I cannot wait to share all these super fun, amazingly geeky and all around good times with you! Don’t you wish you lived in SoCal and if you do I hope to see you at one of these events!