Mischief Managed in Wizarding World

Hey Brunchers! I was so happy to be able to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on my last day in Orlando. I love love love Harry Potter and knew I had to return for the new addition of Diagon Alley.

First of all Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express are truly magic. I just could not stop smiling all day. You enter Diagon Alley just like Harry did, in London through a magical brick wall. You can even see the knight bus outside waiting to curry witches and wizards to their destinations, or climb aboard like I obviously did…

How perfect is my Mischief Managed tank from Jordandene for a trip to Wizarding World?!? #Obsessed

The first thing we did upon entering Diagon Alley – like any good witch or wizard – was head straight to Olivanders, where we promptly purchased wands. My wand was made of ash and was picked off the celtic calendar based on my birthdate. These magic wands can truly make you do magic all around Hogsmead, Diagon Alley, and even Knockturn Alley. The wand comes with a map letting you know where you are *cough* magically inclined…
Look at me… I am so excited to be making it rain!!

Being the good Slytherin that I am, robes were also a necessity. Hey – when in Rome right?
I was a little disappointed in the number of strange looks I got for walking around in a robe… I mean hello I am the Harry Potter generation, not the child who can barley pronounce quidditch I am a grown up who has read these books her ENTIRE childhood and high school years.

We ate fish and chips at the leaky caldron, got some butter beer, and picked up a chocolate frog.
I got to talk to a goblin at Gringotts – who would not grant me access to Bellatrix’s vault… Sad day.

Sadly the new Gringotts ride was down – but we were able to ride the Forbidden Journey inside Hogwarts twice and the Hogwarts Express about 4 times. We were also thoroughly entertained by out ability to do magic!

Needless to say this was beyond magical. I had never smiled so much in my life (outside of WDW)! I cannot wait for our California park to open… and when it does, anyone for a butter beer after work?

  • Looks amazing!

  • OMG so cool!!

  • B

    I really hope to make it down there! It looks wonderful!

    • Oh my goodness you totally should if you can! It really is the most magical!!

  • CUTE & perfect outfit!!! xx

    • Thanks lady! It was so much fun and I know we both love Jordandene!!

  • GREAT photos and I love your subtle cosplay :) I can't wait to go back, hope they keep expanding!

  • Do we know if the Cali expansion will have new rides? I want MORE! Great photos Mal and def ignore those weirdos who gave you weird looks. We pity them. #HogwartsSnobs