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TEXAS // 48 Hours back Home

Hey Brunchers! This weekend I made a quick 48 hour trip back to my hometown in Texas.
I went home for a charity event called Storytellers that my mom is a sponsor of. Storytellers is a unique event featuring acclaimed artists who share the stories behind their award-winning songs, and then perform them in an intimate, acoustical setting. This event provides  an amazing opportunity to hear the meaning, personalities and stories behind the music, straight from the songwriters themselves. This year we got to hear from the writers of Jesus Take the Wheel, The Climb, I Drive Your Truck, and What Hurts the Most… amoung many many more country music hits. 
Before the event I had a great time hanging out with my mom, shopping, getting some tex-mex, and buying some new boots. Lucchese and of course, that’s where I was headed. I got 2 new pairs, one is getting shipped to me and the other well they were right there on my feet.

Call me crazy but ever since I left Texas for California, I feel even more proud to be a Texan. As I am sure you all know we wear cowboy boots in Texas. No I did not ride a horse to school, and no I did not wear a cowboy hat – but boots are actually a legitimate thing. The Louboutin’s of cowboy boots are Luchesse and they are the most comfortable and beautiful boots you can ever own.
I also rocked this amazing shirt from my dear friends brand Southward Apparel. Yup Texas made me! Seriously though, these are the cutest and softest shirts you will ever get and perfect for any Southern girl. I love repping my Texas roots in LA.

Check out more of Southward’s amazing shirts below!

30 BY 30 // Update at 26

Happy Birthday to Me!

So Brunchers! If you remember instead of making New Years Resolutions this year my best friend and I made a 30 by 30 list.

Well I am officially 26 and wanted to update you on a few things I have checked off!

Learn to Sew:
I tackled this goal head on. I have even gone and bought a better sewing machine I like it so much. So far I sewed my Pocahontas running costume, some new pillow cases for my bed, and a lot of items for my upcoming mandalorian costume!

Re-Read Harry Potter:
One down and six more to go. It’s fascinating how much she had figured out since book 1.

Start and finish a Mandalorian and join the Mercs:
Mando is officially started!

Get Recognized by the Trades:
Well I am only partially crossing this off because technically this was completed but I think I can get a better one down the line!

Hoping to cross of several more of these during my 26th year like finishing my Mara Jade and Mando – also I have a trip to Italy planned for this summer!

5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Comfort Films

Hey Brunchers! I am jumping back on the 5 Fandom Friday trail and this week we are talking about our comfort films. We all have those movies we turn back to time and time again that can soothe our souls. Most of mine beckon back to my childhood and films that I associate emotion with. I grew up in a movie house! Maybe thats a little meta but hey – I did end up working in film!

one // STAR WARS

Wow – what a shocker here, but for some reason returning to Star Wars is so peaceful for me. Each film holds a different truth, a different memory, and a different story. My parents raised me on these films.


Literally my favorite “classic” film. I return to this film whenever it is rainy outside and I am feeling a bit dreary. Scarlett is the epitome of strength and the score for this film is amazing. My mom and I share a special bond with this film… I even picked my new apartment because of how close it is to Tara. My small piece of the south right here in SoCal.

three // PETER PAN

My favorite animated movie. I am a lover to escapist film and there is no greater escape than Neverland. I can completely quote every line of this film and Tinkerbell is my spirit animal.


As you wish… enough said. This was my car ride movie. My dad knew all the words and had never seen it until I was in elementary school. Andre the Giant and Buttercup where 2 of my very favorite friends!

five // GREASE

True story – I let my mom pick my last movie… and I quote “you wore out 2 vhs tapes”
I also went around saying a hickey from kenickie as a very young child… totally oblivious to what it meant.

Mischief Managed in Wizarding World

Hey Brunchers! I was so happy to be able to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on my last day in Orlando. I love love love Harry Potter and knew I had to return for the new addition of Diagon Alley.

First of all Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express are truly magic. I just could not stop smiling all day. You enter Diagon Alley just like Harry did, in London through a magical brick wall. You can even see the knight bus outside waiting to curry witches and wizards to their destinations, or climb aboard like I obviously did…

How perfect is my Mischief Managed tank from Jordandene for a trip to Wizarding World?!? #Obsessed

The first thing we did upon entering Diagon Alley – like any good witch or wizard – was head straight to Olivanders, where we promptly purchased wands. My wand was made of ash and was picked off the celtic calendar based on my birthdate. These magic wands can truly make you do magic all around Hogsmead, Diagon Alley, and even Knockturn Alley. The wand comes with a map letting you know where you are *cough* magically inclined…
Look at me… I am so excited to be making it rain!!

Being the good Slytherin that I am, robes were also a necessity. Hey – when in Rome right?
I was a little disappointed in the number of strange looks I got for walking around in a robe… I mean hello I am the Harry Potter generation, not the child who can barley pronounce quidditch I am a grown up who has read these books her ENTIRE childhood and high school years.

We ate fish and chips at the leaky caldron, got some butter beer, and picked up a chocolate frog.
I got to talk to a goblin at Gringotts – who would not grant me access to Bellatrix’s vault… Sad day.

Sadly the new Gringotts ride was down – but we were able to ride the Forbidden Journey inside Hogwarts twice and the Hogwarts Express about 4 times. We were also thoroughly entertained by out ability to do magic!

Needless to say this was beyond magical. I had never smiled so much in my life (outside of WDW)! I cannot wait for our California park to open… and when it does, anyone for a butter beer after work?

Mara Jade & Long Beach Comic Expo

Hey Brunchers! Sorry for the long time no post but I am back home in California and getting back to normal life.  This weekend however I had a very fun time at Long Beach Comic Expo and got to meet a lot of my new instagram and blog friends!

I have talked a lot about my Mara Jade on here but never actually showed my “almost” finished costume. I am just working on the official jumpsuit in order to apply for the 501st, but in the mean time I have been rocking my Mara for a while now. She is kinda my bad ass alter ego. Once she is finished I will do a full write up on her but her she is for now! I also ran the Star Wars Half Marathon sort-of as her.

For those of you who do not know – she is a character from the Star Wars expanded universe. She is also called the “Emperor’s Hand” who was brought up under Palpetine as a force wielding assassin who later marries Luke Skywalker. She explains it best…

 “I was his hand, Skywalker. That’s how I was known to his inner court: as the Emperor’s Hand. I served him all over the galaxy, doing jobs the Imperial Fleet and stormtroopers couldn’t handle. That was my one great talent, you see ― I could hear his call from anywhere in the Empire, and report back to him the same way. I exposed traitors for him, brought down his enemies, helped him keep the kind of control over the mindless bureaucracies that he needed. I had prestige, and power, and respect.”

Whats to love about this chic right? But back to the Con…
The Long Beach Comic Expo was a nice but smaller con that was very heavy on the cosplay. I have noticed that the smaller cons have become way more about cosplay than the panels and floor.
I did find some Jawas though – and apparently everyone loves Jawas! Uttini!!!