Berlin Trip Recap

Hey Brunchers! So as you know I went to the lovely and history filled Berlin, Germany last week for the Berlin Film Festival! I had one day at the end of my trip for some good old fashioned tourist fun and wanted to share my way to see Berlin in 1 day. Maybe you to will find yourself on a short trip where you want to pack in as much as possible into one adventurous day!
Wake up call was set for 9:15am. I quickly got ready and headed down for breakfast at the hotel.
By 9:45am I was out the door and walked to Potsdamer Platz to jump on the sight seeing bus.

Now I always make fun of these buses in Los Angeles, but I had a limited amount of time to see the sites and I knew I could hit them all and gain some knowledge with the help of this bus. I did do my research ahead of time and knew where I wanted to get off and explore, and where I wanted to sit and listen. 
The first stop for me to jump off was at Checkpoint Charlie
I knew I wanted to see this historic site but had read that it was a very short stop. I entered the free outdoor exhibit to read on some of the history then headed to the actual sector. I also really wanted to get my passport stamped – so for 5 Euro, the equivalent of Hollywood Boulevard Spiderman at Checkpoint Charlie stamped my passport with the 6 stamps and I left extremely happy with the whole situation.

Back on the bus as soon as possible and I listened as we passed Gendarmenmarkt – which would have been a must stop in December for the Christmas Market, but in February I counted this as a drive by. I also cruised by Alexanderplatz and got off again at Rotes Rathaus, right before Museum Island. They advertise the Aquadom but I wanted to check out the DDR Interactive Museum. I love places that make me feel like a kid and where I can touch things – this museum delivered! This museum covers what everyday life was like in East Berlin. This was a fun, educational, and short museum… exactly what I wanted and would highly recommend! You can even see a East Berlin prison cell…
East Germany Jail circa the Cold War
Back onto the big red bus the next stop was Museum Island. If I would have had more time I would have gotten off here too, but I continued onto the Brandenburg Gate. I took a moment for a few selfies and grabbed some Starbucks. It is also good to know that this is where the American Embassy is. It is always smart to have an idea of where your local embassy is when traveling just in case.
Me in front of the Brandenburg Gate
After my selfie session and some warming up with Starbucks I walked over to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This is a moving architectural feat with 2,711 stelae.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Underneath the memorial is the “Place of Information” and is not to be missed. Get the audio tour and work through the rooms to discover more about all who were lost during the holocaust. The exhibit open with the quote “It happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say.” One of the beauties and agonies of travel is you will find yourself in places of unthinkable tragedy, but by being there you are more aware and understanding of the fellow inhabitants of our Earth. Through travel we can explore history and tangibly feel what happened. We can enlighten the future and not repeat the tragedies of the past through these experiences.

Needless to say – I spent a good amount of time at the memorial. In the Place of Information they also house all the known names of the Jewish Holocaust victims. After I finished the exhibit I decided to walk back to Potsdamer Platz.

I had a quick meal at Vapiano and returned to my hotel. Since I had a few more hours until dinner I decided to check out KaDeWe – Berlin’s 7 story department store. It was a quick taxi ride away. Most of the clothes you can find in LA so I did not go crazy shopping but the 6th floor is filled with food delicacies and imports. There are several champagne bars so I stopped for a glass of Moet. It was fun looking at the U.S. imports like Lucky Charms and Budweiser – classy Berlin! This was a fun stop to round out my big tourist day in Berlin.

So that was my world wind day in Berlin. Like I said I wish I had time to see the Museum Island, but another place I am adding to the list is Hackescher Markt in Mitte. 
If you have any questions about my day in Berlin comment below!


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    It sounds like you had a great day! Way to make the most out of those bus tours!

  • i love it-and I love that it was 5 euro for 6 stamps at checkpoint charlie!

  • Have fun on the post-trip vacay!