LIFE LESSONS // Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Olivia Pope

So I am so excited because SCANDAL returns tonight! 

Do you ever find yourself thinking… what would Olivia Pope Do?
I do – and truly think Olivia Pope is one of the strongest female roles on television and a true inspiration. So without further adieu here are the reasons why everything I need to know I learned from Olivia Pope…
Wear the White Hat // Olivia always does what she thinks is right. She does not aim for money or power… just helping people who were wronged or framed. Yes – the path or the White Hat might not always be the cleanest, but the end results are the same. Lesson: be a good person and help people always!

Be A Great Leader // Want to know why the Gladiators would go over a cliff for Olivia – because she is a great leader and boss. She leads by example, does not make her Gladiators do anything she wouldn’t do, and cares for them. Now I am not saying in order to be a good boss you literally have to save all your employees from being framed, jail, abusive husbands, or her fathers hole – but she allows them to make mistakes and learn from them. She is loyal to them and they are loyal to her.
Know Your Worth – At Work // You are a Girl Boss (even if you not quite the boss yet) if you are determined, smart, and have a work ethic that would rival Olivia Pope’s. She knows just how good she is and that kind of confidence will only help you. It is really important to know when to ask for help and when to ask questions, but in my experience resourcefulness and confidence are too huge keys to being a valued worker and on your way to Girl Boss status.
Know Your Worth – In Relationships // Yes I am a single girl and Olivia knows how amazing of a woman she is. She deserves the best and will not settle for anything less. In my opinion that is standing in the sun with a certain someone… She does not have time for jam in Vermont (boring)!! But even when she slips up (and we all have) she still knows not to settle. Lesson: do not settle and do not play second fiddle to anyone.

Popcorn and Wine // Olivia Pope has made it abundantly clear that popcorn and a nice glass of wine  (in the perfect glass) makes for a perfectly adult dinner – which I have probably 2+ nights a week. On a larger note, we can look at this to say – don’t sweat the small stuff. If you are a single girl working her butt off you don’t need to feel guilty for order take out or grabbing Chipotle on the way home from work. Keep yourself healthy with real food (I said take out not drive through) but don’t feel the need to put a Martha Stewart worthy meal for yourself on the table every night. You can also apply this montra to not feeling bad about dropping your clothes at the fluff and fold or having a housekeeper (ummm Handy anyone). You work hard and if your budget can bare it, take a bit of stress off your plate and have some popcorn and wine.

Are you ready for Scandal tonight? Pour yourself a glass of red wine and watch with me!
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  • And the most important of these is popcorn and wine! My goal in life has always been to become Nancy Drew, but recently I've been wanting to add a little Olivia Pope into the mix!

  • love this! So excited for tonight and my wine glass is ready!!

  • Perfect post!! We should all ponder "What would Olivia Pope do" before making any important decision.