30 BY 30 // The Start

Happy first Monday of the 2015!

The New Year always has us thinking about fresh starts and new goals.
Being the type-A person I am – I love goal setting!
My best friend W and I decided instead of a years worth of goals we will make our own 30 by 30 lists. These are things that we want to accomplish and/or own by the time we turn 30 which for us in just about 4.5 years away. If you want to check out Whit’s list click here!

I do have two resolutions for 2015 – wake up 30 mins earlier everyday and complete project organization.

But onto my 30 by 30 list:

1 // Watch & Re-Watch the American Film Institute’s 100 Years of 100 Movies List!
2 // Visit the Colosseum in Rome.
3 // Learn to sew.
4 // Read the whole Bible. Following this plan.
5 // Taste wine in Napa with my mom.
6 // Lose 40 pounds (and keep it off).
7 // Buy a new car.
8 // Re-read the Harry Potter series.
9 // Bask in the sun in Greece.
10 // Be a panelist on a film panel.
11 / Buy myself a leather Prada.
12 // Say oh la la in Paris.
13 // Finish and submit my Mara Jade for 501st approval.
14 // Start and finish a Mandalorian and join the Mercs!
15 // Eat at Club 33!!
16 // Cruise in the sun with my best friends!!
17 // Replace my (stolen) Baylor ring.
18 // Go to Vegas with Whit!
19 // Cheer on the Bears at Homecoming.
20 // Ride a trolley in San Francisco.
21 // Invest in an emerging artist painting.
22 //  Become a member of D.A.R., DoC, and Descendent of Jamestown.
23 // Say Aloha to Aulani in Hawaii!
24 // Take a cooking class to learn to cook traditional french food.
25 // Be a VP!
26 // Visit Alice at Disneyland Paris!
27 // Be recognized by the trades (its a film thing).
28 // Go to a film awards show.
29 // The big one – BUY A HOUSE!
30 //  And the little one – buy jacuzzi for house.

Travel to Marfa, TX
Summer in the Hamptons
Find a boy and trick him into marrying me
Get scuba diving certification.
Go to Academy Awards (really a toss up on this one).
Attended the Women In the Film Brunch.
Go to the AMFAR party in Cannes.
Two-step at Stagecoach.
Get a good camera.
Sing in Disneyland’s Candlelight Processional.

  • Waking up earlier is a great goal. I always try to do that, and I fail EVERY time. I hope you have better luck than I do! :)

    • Why is the alarm clock my enemy – hopefully I can keep this one up!

  • These goals are awesome!
    Visiting San Fransisco is at the top of my list <3

    • Thanks girl! San Fran is such an amazing place – I am dying to go!

  • I’m stealing some of these ideas and making my own too. :)