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HALLOWEEN // Dressed Up

Maybe you have a really fancy Halloween party this year – something where you need to dress to impress with a bit of a spooky touch. Well look no further.
Get your fancy pants on with these dressed up Halloween looks!

GEEK-ERY // What I Need In My Closet Now!

For the next 5 Fandom Fridays we bloggers were challenged to what nerdy items we need in our closet right now…

Well – for me this is a never ending list of fun and fashion and well… fandom!!
But I gave it a go and pulled my top wants!

I am dying over the Marie Scoop Skater Dress from Black Milk. I love the Artistocats and how girly and fun it is!!

The Dark Side maxi dress will be coming home to me soon! 
*clicks add to cart*

How fun is this Rebel Scum twisted back tank! It will go great with jeans or leggings!

And last but not least Tardis leggings – enough said…

Which pieces are you currently lusting over?

FANDOM FRIDAY // Gateway Fandoms

Megan from The Nerdy Girlie along with Super Space Chick have started 5 Fandom Friday where we all share a little bit about our fandoms and who we are!
 This week we are talking gateway fandoms – what led me to become the fangirl I am today…
1 // My Parents – Yep we are going to start with them, because thats where it all started. My mom made me a Disney child from birth and my dad instilled Star Wars in me from about age 5. Sorry mom and dad, this was all you!  And see I was into cosplay before it was a thing. This is my dad and I as Princess Jasmin and the Genie in the early 90’s.

2 // Disney – OK so Disney was probably my first fandom starting about at age 2 (my mom may say earlier.) VHS tapes, costumes, Walt Disney World – all of these things we ingrained in me. I watched the Disney Channel everyday and Vault Disney every night – what I would do to bring that back!! Here I am in the Beauty and the Beast days! Adorable I know…

3 // Star Wars – Star Wars was all my dad’s doing… But my mom likes it a lot too. I remember the first time I saw the original episodes was when I was 5. We had just moved from Houston to Miami and did not have the cable set up yet and one of the 5 free stations we had showed one every night. That was my indoctrination to the Wars. Then came the re-mastered versions in the late 90’s where I saw them in theaters and then Episodes I-III. It just kept building and it still will. Living in Florida we always went to Star Wars weekends at Disney World. My dad would be so proud of my 501st efforts!

4 // Harry Potter – Harry Potter was the next mainstay. I like to say that Harry Potter was my childhood… I graduated from high school when the final book came out and graduated from college when the final film was released. I think I started reading the books in 1999. These friends, because yes they were my friends meant so much to me. I also think that Harry Potter made “nerdy” things a bit more mainstream. I will never forget when Deathly Hallows Pt1 came out when I was in college –  Our little movie theater had it on every screen and I think every Frat boy was there… everyone loved this story and it all started way before it became a “geek” thing.

5 // True Blood – True Blood was probably the first “nerdy” TV show I got really into. I watched and read everything having to do with Sookie. From True Blood, I then gave into SUPERNATURAL and the rest was history… I started to fan-girl all over the place.

Now – thats where I started! But as you know I now watch Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Green Arrow, Star Wars (anything), The Walking Dead and anything else I can really get my hands on. Fangirl on my friends!

HALLOWEEN // It’s Here!

Basically I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday and here on Bad Wolf Brunch we are celebrating all month long. From whats going on at my favorite theme parks, to cosplay, Halloween Half Marathons, and recipies there will be something here for everyone!!
I am so excited to share my favorite time of the year with you!
So get yourself a PSL (pumpkin spice latte), turn on the Disney channel, and get your costumes ready – it is officially Halloween!!