GALLIDAY – Dr. Who Invades Disneyland

Well Bad Wolf Brunch went to Galliday!!
Galliday is the un-official Doctor Who themed day at Disneyland.
There were close to 500 Doctor Who Cosplayers dressed for the occasion, and this bad wolf was included!
Look at all those Rose Tyler’s!
This was one of my favorite days ever! Everyone was so nice and I met so many new Doctor Who friends! We got picture with all the Doctors and companions – here is the Ninth Doctor and all his companions!
For our Doctor Who day we took over rides, took a bunch of photos, and had an after party with trivia at Trader Sams! Basically it was the best day ever – so many Doctor Who fans at the park loved it as well, they kept saying how they were so glad they came that day.
Also major props to this guy!!
There are 1 or 2 Galliday’s a year, be sure to follow them on Facebook here and I hope to see you Whovians at the next one!