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GALLIDAY – Dr. Who Invades Disneyland

Well Bad Wolf Brunch went to Galliday!!
Galliday is the un-official Doctor Who themed day at Disneyland.
There were close to 500 Doctor Who Cosplayers dressed for the occasion, and this bad wolf was included!
Look at all those Rose Tyler’s!
This was one of my favorite days ever! Everyone was so nice and I met so many new Doctor Who friends! We got picture with all the Doctors and companions – here is the Ninth Doctor and all his companions!
For our Doctor Who day we took over rides, took a bunch of photos, and had an after party with trivia at Trader Sams! Basically it was the best day ever – so many Doctor Who fans at the park loved it as well, they kept saying how they were so glad they came that day.
Also major props to this guy!!
There are 1 or 2 Galliday’s a year, be sure to follow them on Facebook here and I hope to see you Whovians at the next one!

OUTLANDER // A Sassenach’s Guide to Highlander History

Hope you all enjoyed my first post in this series – learning gaelic phrases and pronunciation.

Now onto a much needed history brush up! Throughout OUTLANDER there are a few historical events and people that I needed a reminder on what exactly happened… Actually I doubt these were ever taught in Texas public school history…

Fist of all there is the Jacobite Risings
These were a series of uprisings, rebellions, and wars in Great Britain and Ireland occurring between 1688 and 1746. The goal of the uprisings were to return James VII of Scotland and his descendant of the House of Stuart to the throne of Great Britain – Jacobite is taken from the latin form of James. Thank you Wikipedia.

Why do we care? Dougal is collecting funds for the rising known as the “Fourty-Five” because it happened in dun dun dun… 1745. This was the main play for Charles Edward Stuart aka “The Bonnie Prince” aka “The Young Pretender” leading to the Battle of Culloden. The Battle of Culloden effectively ended the uprising. Clans such as the MacKenzies joined in battle with Stuart’s army against Britain which lead to a mass amount of Highlander blood shed. 

While most of the Jacobite Risings was about with returning Catholicism to Britain and Scotland – the Highlanders mainly supported this because of James VII sympathetic view to the Highlander clans and the resistance of the Cambells of Argyll. Highlanders saw James as a way of resisting hostile government intrussion.

Now don’t we all feel smarter… thank you OUTLANDER for your bodice-ripping history!


Megan at The Nerdy Girlie (an amazing blog) has challenged us to share our blogger confessions. 

These are my confessions:

1 // I wish I could find more time to write…

I totally envy all the bloggers who can write, edit, shoot, and instagram outfits, food, and all around glamorous lives in the blogger world. In a perfect world I would get up every morning and wear an amazing outfit that my photographer would shoot, I would then eat an instagram worthy breakfast (in which no calories would count) and go about my fabulous life where my feet would not hurt from my amazing shoes. This is not my life – repeat this is not my life. 

2 // Putting together outfits is not effortless

Every time I think of a nerdy chic outfit idea I write it down. I have a laundry list of outfits to do. With few exceptions these outfits are all put together for a shoot. I generally do this on the weekends.

3 // My work week clothes are not so blogger-y

With the above, during the week I certainly do not look like a blogger (most days). I get better in the fall and winter because I love sweaters and boots but the summers are just a stressful mess of running late and throwing on clothes.

4 // Established Communities

Sometimes I feel like I showed up late to the party… There are established communities for Disney, Star Wars, and Doctor Who that I am trying to weasel my way into… My brain tells me to be interactive and patient, but sometimes you just feel out of the loop.

5 // A little bit nerdy…

For my last confession this is somewhat of a reveal/confession I am well into my first costume to join the 501st! Star Wars is probably one of my bigger fandoms. Now that it is owned by Disney I can lump those two together! Doctor Who is right behind… I am thrilled to be working on my 501st costume and looking forward to joining the Southern California Garrison!

DAPPER DAY // The Most Dapper Day in the Kingdom

Apologies for the hiatus… I was at the Toronto Film Festival for work – but now I am back and what better way to celebrate being back than going to Dapper Day at Disneyland!

Dapper Day is where we step back in time to a more elegant time, and visit the park in style!
It was a very hot day in the most magical place on earth but we did have a very good time!

I adored my outfit down to the shoes. My Baby Jo in Los Angeles is where I bought my dress and shoes. They are also experts in all things dapper and rockabilly, and really helped a girl out!

I was particularly proud of my hair and make up for the day!
I do think I need to work on my cat eye a bit but for a first go I think I did a pretty good job!

 It was also the first day of Halloween – which is my most favorite holiday!
We were able to ride Nightmare Before Christmas’s Haunted Mansion and spent the evening at the zombie-fied Mad Tea Party… so much fun!

At the Dapper Expo we checked out some very cool vintage finds and I got an amazing sketch of my dapper wear that will be going in my bedroom.

Of course no day at Disney is complete without a little my friend Stormy…

The next Dapper Day at Disneyland will be March 1st – will you be there?
More info here: 

A Sassenach’s Guide to OUTLANDER // Gaelic

OUTLANDER is quickly becoming my new favorite book and I cannot wait to delve deeper into the series! Diana Gabaldon has created a magical, historical world for us, as readers, to fully immerse ourselves into. I cannot put it down – but with that I found myself also looking up many things, both Gaelic and historical while reading. 

I hope this small series will help to serve as a guide while you take in the magical world of OUTLANDER.

Common Gaelic Phrases & Meanings

  • Sassenach – an outlander or an English person aka Claire Randall
  • Dinna Fash – Don’t Worry – Jaime says this to Claire
  • Braw – Brave
  • Besom – a woman
  • Mo Charaid – a friend or comrade

Learn to Say Gaelic 
This is brought to us by our friends as Starz!

Other lessons include:
Saying “Craigh na Dun”
Saying “Mo Nighean Donn”
And of course so we can all pledge loyalty to clan MacKenzie “TULACH ARD”

Next time we will have a brief overview of some of the history in OUTLANDER.

Hope you all love the book as much as me!