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TRUE BLOOD // Good To The Last Drop Sangria

True Blood ends this Sunday – just sadness!
As you know from my Comic Con post I am a huge Truebie and I love my True Blood. 
I have watched it since the very first season and have read all the books.

As it come time to say goodbye to my favorite vampires in Louisiana, I figured why not send them out with something just as good to the last drop.

For last weeks episode I wore my Truebie shirt from this years Comic Con swag bag, styled it with an appropriate bat necklace, and poured myself a glass of semi homemade Sangria.

This Roja Sangria is available at Williams and Sonoma. You just add chilled red wine and your fruit! I recommend using a cheaper and sweeter red to make the perfect sangria!

I am hoping that this episode is everything we want and all the closure us Truebies need.
Goodbyes suck!

Will you be watching?

DOCTOR WHO // The Re-Watchables

Alright – So like all good Whovians I am clearly jammed for this new season of Doctor Who!
In preparation for this momentous occasion I wanted to share my most re-watchable episodes of Doctor Who! Now many of these are my favorites but these are the episodes I return to time and time again to get a dose of the Doctor. Disclaimer I like Ten, and I also like Rose, and these are my favorite episodes so no hard feeling to all you Matt Smith fans out there.

“Bad Wolf” & “Parting of the Ways”
Essentially I love these episodes well because I love me some Bad Wolf – um hence the name of this here blog. These are great episodes to show people Nine and Rose. Its packed with adventure and fun, but also has the heart and selflessness that we have come to love as part of Doctor Who.

“Tooth & Claw”
Rose and the Doctor playful as always having fun and saving England. I mean this is just one of the bests in my humble opinion, and Rose’s hair looks amaze!

“Army of Ghost” & “Doomsday”
Probably my most favorite episode of Doctor Who ever – which must mean I hate myself because tears, just tears… but also laughter, precious moments, and Cybermen!
Oh yeah – the Doctor also just set a new standard for men, burning up a sun just to say goodbye to you.

“Stolen Earth” & “Journey’s End”
Truthfully the episodes I rewatch the most! I mean the whole gang is back together again…
and Martha saying “he found you” heart wrenching… but then you want to scream, um no she found him! And then there is the above scene and it is done – my girl goes off with her half man, as it should be.

“Vincent & The Doctor”
Easily the most beautiful episode of Doctor Who with some of the strongest messages about pushing through and finding joy.

So those are the winners in my book.
Which episodes do you return to again and again?

STYLE ME Stormtropper

Today’s outfit was inspired by Star Wars Stormtroopers…

We know them, we love them, they are our favorite clones.
I wore this outfit to work and running errands around town. As I creative I get a bit more freedom in my work apparel. But my favorite part of this outfit is I can add a little subtle nerdiness to my daily digs. 

Check out the shoes!

Star Wars Stormtrooper vans for the win! Plus I love the subtle Tejano vibe!
They are available here.

This is a great day time / anytime outfit that really lets you EMBRACE WHAT YOU LOVE!

Have you checked out the Star Wars Vans?

Cooking with the Wookie!

I am so excited to announce my new series Cooking with the Wookie!
Our friendly neighborhood Chewbacca will prepare some wonderful treats and eats for us that relate to Star Wars and some other fandoms that Chewie likes.

I thought today we would start with some Wookie Cookies!

I used the Star Wars Cookie Cutters from WIlliams & Sonoma and their Meyer Lemon Sugar Cookie Mix.
My main tip is to make sure the dough is very cold before you begin working with it.
These cookie cutters are great and really hold shape when baking. Make sure to leave your rolled dough rather thick so the press will give you all the details.

For decorating I used bottled icing in black, red and blue and white royal icing.
For the grey coloring I mixed white, black and blue to get the perfect death star color.
I recommend using paint brushes with the icing to apply the first main color coat and let it dry before going in and working on the detail. They also look pretty good decorated as well!

Then you have it – perfect Wookie Cookie ready to fly to a galaxy far far away!

Off to Neverland – and Frontierland

Well gang this weekend I was off to Neverland!
Well um Disneyland…

This weekend I Disneybound-ed as Peter Pan with my new bow from Hot Topic.
I wore a Banana Republic green v-neck and some jean shorts.
Originally I was going to wear my fringe moccasins but it was supposed to rain so I went with my tried and true silver metallic sandals.

We tried out the new My Frontierland game over in (you guessed it) Frontierland… and well it was a bit weird. First off all you choose if you want to fight for Rainbow Ridge or Frontierland.
We went with Rainbow Ridge and made up western names for our lemon name tags.
Strait off Party Down South I went for Lil’ Bit… but then changed to Bad Wolf which confused just about everyone.
In the game you can do jobs to win bits (money), you can gamble, and you can be a bounty hunter and find people who are wanted in Frontierland to throw in jail.
Since I am insane, I decided to run for mayor. I had no idea what this entailed.
I made my campaign poster, had to walk around Frontierland getting signatures, and then had to give a speech at the Golden Horseshow… but yes I won!

During the game you can also buy land for your chosen tribe. When you make your purchase they will give you a deed to take home, which is quite cute. My crew bought the Death Star and Jabba’s Palace – classy! You can also purchase elixirs for $3 from LB Enterprise. 
They have 3 drinks – luck, charm, and knowledge. I you drink them in front of a cast member you gain that power and can get what you want in the game… whether that be a tip, insight to a criminal for capture, or luck in gambling. I thought this was seriously cute and creative – two points for Disney!

via Mouseplanet
Overall yes it is fun – but it is a major time suck. I would advise that only annual passholders with the ability to return whenever they want partake in the game. Oh and people seriously get into it.

So there you have it – will you be playing my Frontierland?

Guardians and Goals

Ok so I saw GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY last night and let me say…

Definitely go check it our if you have time this weekend.

Photo Credit: My Mother
Here I am wearing the SDCC Exclusive Starlord Hoodie that I totally bummed off my bestest dude friend… But I thought it would make for a fun picture.

So I started thinking about August and what I want to accomplish this month…
So I am setting out with a list of goals – relating to fashion, fandom and fitness!

Start looking out for Dapper Day dress
1 new Alex and Ani bracelet
Finish season 1 of Clone Wars
Use my Star Wars cookie cutters
Finish Orange Is The New Black
Start new graphic novel
Read Fan Girls

Long run every weekend
1 yoga class or video per week
Arm workout 3x a week
Cut the carbs – and 1 cheat meal a week

Do you have any goals for the month?