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Tardis Fashion

Here at BAD WOLF BRUNCH we are all about embracing what you love!
Today I am showing off my love of Doctor Who in my favorite Tardis tee.
Glasses: Ray Ban Club Masters  Tardis Tee: Ripple Junction
Necklace: Chloe + Isabel  Boyfriend Jeans: Chicos
Bag: Phillip Lim 3.1  Shoes: Tory Burch Sandals

I dressed up my Tardis tee with a sparkly statement necklace, boyfriend jeans, and some relaxed heeled sandals from Tory Burch. 

This was a great outfit for running out to lunch and the bookstore to pick up come summer reads for my beach vacation next week!

How do you share what you love?

Culver City 10K Race Recap

Last Sunday I ran the Culver City 10K here in good old Culver City California!

This was a small, local race benefiting the local education fund. I seriously love races that I can walk to and this was one of them!

Juli spent the night at my house the night before.
We watched movies, cooked, and drank maybe one to many Angry Orchards… for a grand total or 2 each. We are getting old!

We woke up at a glorious 7am and had plenty of sleep. Both of us had some tummy issues, which are always super fun. But be damned we walked to the start line Gatorade in hand.

There were no corrals and no fancy start, but it was nice. It was a fast down and back twice course running along Sony’s lot. It was tempting to see my street sign and think about popping in for some AC – it was quite hot on Sunday.

I got into my groove and ran my race. It is hard at smaller races where you go from being solid middle of the pack to back of the pack. I always think I am sucking then I look at my Run Keeper app or Garmin and am like – woah not bad chica. I took half of a gel at the halfway point – but didn’t want to push my stomach. With the gel and a bit of Beyonce I got the push I needed and kicked into gear to finish the second loop much smoother.

Well I shaved 30 secs of my time from my last half marathon, but we are not going to forget the hills of the Agora Great Race 10K. I was probably running faster at that race, but it was my final race of the season and I was in great shape. This is my first race of the season… a kick off if you will. 

After the race I met up with Juli who had a MAJOR PR
We walked back to the house to shower and change. Many of the local restaurants had breakfast specials for runners and we choose the one with a special runners happy hour.
Mexican breakfast and half price mimosas we were feeling good and loved the race.

We finished the day with some errands and seeing 22 Jump Street – which by the way was epic!

Until the next race!

The Non-Negotiable’s in Life

When something is truly important for you are you willing to
fight for it?
The non-negotiable’s in life are the things, I feel, you are
really ready to go to bat for. The things that truly matter to you.

These lists change from person to person, but I think
everyone should practice this exercise.
For me this has really taken shape over the beginning of
this year. I had a lot of changes in my life – big changes and it was time for
me to decide what I really wanted.
This are the things that I put first – and still need to
practice putting first in my life. Now I know the saying God first, others second,
myself third – but this is a bit more specific to daily life.
What are my non-negotiable in life?
My health
For the first two years out of college, this sadly
did not make the list and now I am having to back-track a bit with it. I was
always an athlete and adjusting to a sit down job has been really tough for me.
So how do I put my health first? Well I walk every morning 25-30 mins. I look
at this as making up for the time a normal human would be out walking, but I
sit here at a desk most of the day. I am an avid runner, but all that distance
goes nowhere if you only train when you “need” too. I am focusing on adding
more shorter distances into my life. What is 20 mins after work? Nothing – go
for a run! Weight training and natural eating are becoming more and more
prevalent in my life every day. I am not perfect, but I am deciding that it is
important for me to try.
God and going to Church
Another thing I love about my morning walks is I
really try to use this time to pray. It sets a precedent for my day to be out
in God’s creation talking to God. I have also added going to Church on this
list. Like everything in LA, we are a bit weird here too. See I go to Church on
Wednesday night, yup like 100+ people listening to our amazing pastor who flies
in from Seattle every week for us. Told ya we are weird… But I love it and
always feel like I learned something I have overlooked every time I go.
Wednesday night church = non negotiable
Preserving my sanity
I put this in an overlying category but really it is two
main things. One – getting off work at a reasonable time and two – saying no to
certain things. Getting off work at a normal time is a very new thing to me. I
used to work until 8:30 for an “early” night off. Leaving the office at 9-11pm
was normal… huh wonder how my health suffered. Getting off between 5:30-6:30pm
has changed my life and I am not letting that go. I can cook dinner, go to the
farmers market, run after work, and watch tv… all in the same night! Having a
life after work has been revolutionary! Now, saying no to things. I really
don’t think it is fair or feasible to say no to everything you do not want to
do, but there are times when sanity has to win out. No, I do not want to go to
that concert. No, I will not run a race during certain times of the year. No, I
am not leaving my couch for 2 more hours.
Time With My Family and Friends
For me, this is what life truly is about! I talk to
my mom every morning and mostly every night on my drives to and from work. I
see my friends every weekend. I try to see my cousin 2x per month, but we both
travel a lot. Investing in your relationships is the best thing you can do in
your life.
Surprising what is not on here? My career. Now – anyone who
knows me I value my career, and take pride in my work beyond anything else.

But in my life I let my work take the driver’s seat far too
often – so essentially this list is what I am putting over my career and you
know what… I am ok with that.

What is on your list?

Weekend Getaway: Laguna Beach

So I am very much an East Coaster at heart and the idea of a weekend summer escape to the Hamptons sound so amazing right now – but I live here, in sunny Southern California. 

So what’s a girl to do?

Get away to Laguna Beach.

Image Source
How darling is this beach cottage?

Image Source – Credit: Coastal Living

I love to go to The Deck and get a drink watching the waves.
It is so so-cal!

Well I guess we will have to make this our own version of the Hamptons…
Life could be worse…

Happy National Running Day


So – obviously – I am a runner and today is the day we celebrate the love/hate relationship with going the distance!

In celebration of today I have registered for the Star Wars Rebelle Challenge (Half Marathon & 10K) and my third Los Angeles Rock n Roll Half Marathon!


Other ways to celebrate today… 
Well I don’t know you could go for a run.
Make a collage of your favorite/most embarrassing race photos.
Practice your race pose – on a street run – so people are assured runners are, in fact, nuts.
Go to Disneyland – because why not!
Drink you favorite post run beer… post run.
Buy some new running clothes, because we will never have enough.
Whatever you do – enjoy today and kick some ass-phault!

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Races

So brunchers – do you want to run with me… or just see what my summer and fall looks like well here it is. Without further a due I present the 2014-2015 Bad Wolf Race Schedule.

June 15 – Culver City 10K

September 21 – LA Dodgers 5K
October 26 – Rock N Roll Los Angeles
November 16 – Avengers Half Marathon
January 17 – Star Wars 10K
January 18 – Star Wars Half Marathon
February 22 – Princess Half Marathon
March 15 – Los Angeles Marathon

Now I might add in a 10K for Turkey Trot and I have decided to do the challenged at Star Wars race and sit out of the Glass Slipper Challenge to enjoy my time in the World a bit more!

Of course – my crew is always open for some spontaneous races but these are the planned guys and the biggies!