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Liebster Award for Running Fun!

So Juli at Healthy Wifey’s for Lifey has nominated me for the Liebster Award…
Guess it is my turn to divulge!! Thanks Jules!!

What is my earliest running memory?

Well this is quite tough as I used to hate running… Mine would probably be in elementary school doing the presidential fitness challenge and running a timed mile. I hated every second of it. Who would have thought as I got older I would love it so much…

What was the first official race you ran?

Well I ran some 5Ks in college for charity… but I am going to credit my first real race to the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in 2012! I did do the LA Rock n Roll 5k and the Ft Worth Turkey Trot 10K before that to get some races under my belt, but Tink was where I got hooked!

What is your favorite runDisney race and why?

Definitely the PRINCESS HALF MARATHON! I am all about girl power and this race is the celebration of that. It also just happens to fit extremely well in my schedule and it is in Florida! I just love the whole thing and the hype leading up to it.

What is your next race?

Running the Culver City 10K with Juli to get our corral placement for Avengers!!

What race is at the top of your bucket list?

Hummm… there are a few I would love to run. Strangely Rock N Roll New Orleans, Tower of Terror 10 miler, and probably something in Hawaii.

What is the best advice you have received from an experienced runner?

Oh man… probably not to question yourself and just get out there and do it. Or in regards to runDisney – you paid a lot for this race, enjoy your miles… this is not the place to PR.

What fuel do you use during a race?

I am a Gu girl. I like to have some sport beans on hand, but I love raspberry gu. I also am liking the Margarita shot blocks for longer races since they have extra sodium.

What is the hardest race you have ever run and why?

I would say the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon – it was crazy hot and I was crazy busy with work. I could not focus on the race and was literally checking emails on the course. I swore never again and I think that is probably true – however I would be open to running the 10K some day.

What is the worst injury you have ever had and how did you heal yourself?

I think my worst injury does not pertain to running. In high school I tore my shoulder playing softball. I had to do three months of 3x per week physical therapy sessions, sat out of a summer ball season, and went to yoga 2x per week. After that I was probably in the best shape of my life and came back very strong.

What is your favorite season to train in?

I am going to be the weird one and say winter… Living in southern California it really never gets too bad and things call down here. I can really dedicate myself to my training. With our long Christmas break in the film industry I can run every other day without problem!

Well this was quite fun and I hope you learned something new about me.
If you want to join in here are my questions:
1 – Outside of running what is your favorite form of exercise?
2 – Favorite post-race food?
3 – Top 10 Running Songs
4 – What are your workout/ running shoes of choice?
5 – Tell us about the best race of your life…

Training Officially Starts Now!

Well brunchers – my training for race season officially starts today!

What am I training for? Well a few things…

First off – uh bikini season. Yes I know we are here but I have a cruise in July that I want to look super confident for!
Second – we are officially in marathon training pre-training. Yes thats a thing, or at least I am making it one! I want to go into my official marathon training strong, healthy and performance ready. I really want to own this marathon this year!!
Then we have runDisney! Avengers Half and Princess Half – let’s do this thing!

The Plan:
First off lets talk food! I am following the Personal Trainer Food program for 28 days.
I will report on this further into the program. My plan is to be 30 pounds lighter come marathon day!

Then there is that physical running thing – Well gang I have joined a run club.
My heart still lies with my virtual run club – Team runDisney, but I found running my first marathon that having that team support on the course and on the side lines is vital. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and improving my running.

So on Saturdays all my long runs will be with run club. We are starting off with a couch to 5k plan, then head into marathon training. Let’s just say this may be my best trained Princess Half ever!

Also I am going to be realistic and start slow. Yes I am a runner, but I have had a rough 6 months life wise and my first instinct is to throw myself into this head first. 
Run 3x a week at 6am for 45 mins – please…

I am being realistic and starting with promising to walk 20-30 mins a day purposefully.
That means I have to intentionally carve time out of my day to thank my body with some extra exercise. Today I got it done in the morning – go me! But no promises of when just that it has to get done… every damn day!

My hope is I can concur this morning work out routine and by the time marathon season come around a 30 min jog in the morning will seem natural.

I will report in here and there and let you all keep me accountable and let you know where I am at!

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Exploring Cannes

Well gang… the festival is over and today is my final day in the South of France.
It is raining terribly right now – so my adventures may be cut short, but yesterday I decided to explore. 

I went to Old Town Cannes where I visited the Cannes Feudal Castle on Suquet Hill, which gives you a pretty good look out over the rest of the bay.

Yup Cannes is still pretty…

I loved exploring this area… I just have a thing for old European things.

Today is some last minute gifts for friends – Laudree anyone and then tomorrow I am off to LA.

I am strongly debating going to the 24-Hour Disney Day, but who know!

Avoir for now!

So I Am At the Cannes Film Festival…

Sorry for being MIA but this Bad Wolf has been at the Cannes Film Festival and I am actually still on the rue d’Antibes now!

The Palais -aka- Festival HQs and Main Theater

Why am I here? I work in international film marketing and Cannes is virtually our super bowl. I have/will be here for 15 days working. In a nut shell, I look after US films marketing around the rest of the world… you know posters, trailers, the works all over the world. A few times a year we all converge at film festivals to meet face-to-face, discuss plans, and screen films that have been finished. We start working on the films before a single scene is shot.

I did want to share some things I have been up too here.

First off man, it is pretty!

I got to go to opening night of the Cannes Film Festival with Grace of Monaco.
Here I am on the red carpet. All the screenings at the Palais are black tie and men must wear a bow-tie and jacket to be admitted in. Women must be in cocktail attire.

At the end of the carpet is the step to the Palais.
These famed steps is where every star knows to stop for a handshake and photo with the festivals President and director. Oh or you can stop for a quick selfie…

I also got to attend one of the hottest parties in Cannes this year for The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1. Here I am with my good friends and former colleagues. 

More to come as Wednesday and Thursday I am going exploring…

Avoir for now!

Who’s Ready for the Weekend!?!

Why Bad Wolf?

bad wolf - these words might make a cool cross-stitch!
So why did I choose Bad Wolf for my blog name… Well for those of you who are not Dr. Who addicts fans. Bad Wolf is essentially Rose Tyler, the first companion in the re-boot of Dr. Who.

She is a normal girl, with a normal life, who is told to run and she does.
Her life goes from ordinary to extraordinary by simply having the courage to go on the greatest of adventures. She has the courage to fight, the strength to save the man who has saved the world, and makes the hard choices. She is brave, smart, and she had to learn that she was all of those things during her time with the Doctor.

Bad Wolf is a reminder she send to herself that she can do it.
She can fight. She can be strong. She can do anything.

And so can I. I can make this life an adventure everyday.
I can be strong. Bad Wolf is a message to lead myself here.