So I Went to Wondercon 2014

So last weekend I ventured to Wondercon 2014 and I have to say I had fun!

This was my first time to head to Wondercon which is held in Anaheim. I am a professional for Comic Con and when Wondercon offered me a free badge I said – sure why not!

Now for those of you who do not know Wondercon is a convention put on by the Comic Con International folks. So basically it is well run and celebrates pop culture and fandoms.
There are not as many studios or tv shows at Wondercon as the “movie madi gras” held in July but I still had fun and saw some cool stuff.

On Friday (Day 1) we went and picked up our badges and walked the exhibit floor. 
The floor was actually pretty well stocked with great merchandise and a few key players.
DC Comics and Nerdist had good set ups and my new film coming out Friday THE QUIET ONES had a fun booth set up as well.

Saturday was our main day at Wondercon. Mom and I (oh and service poodle Chloe) went to room 300 for panels and my friend Chris went to the arena. I guess we were in Comic Con mode which is get there early and stay. Mainly I wanted to see the Once Upon A Time Panel and the Star Wars Rebels panel – so of course we sat through the Falling Skies and The 100 panels. Highlight of the falling skies panel was I got to meet Billy from Hocus Pocus! 

We got to see the Once Upon A Time Panel where we watched the full new episode and Josh Dallas (aka Charming) and Zelena were on the panel to talk about what we had coming for us as the season finished out.

The Star Wars Rebels panel was the highlight of my Wondercon. We got to hear that the Clone Wars team is reuniting for the new Disney Star Wars Rebels. It sounds like this show will feel truer to the original films and it will have a smoother animation style. I will definitely be checking it out!
All in all it was a fun day and I am EXTREMELY ready for Comic Con in July!