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Spring Cleaning for Your Diet and Body

Anyone else out there like me who needs to push a little bit of a reset button for their diet after winter? Spring for me means the return of bright colors, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a sense of lightness. 

After a weekend in Texas enjoying bbq, mexican food, margaritas, and a little heavenly thing called chips and queso it is time to mimic that lightness.

This is a challenge – breaking down a huge reset into smaller weekly goals. Each week we focus on making a small change, then we add in additional goal every week following. Personally I feel all of these are super attainable and none of them fall into any form of extreme dieting. Just plain and simple healthy eating to help re-focus us (read me) on my number one priority of a healthy life is a beautiful life. Every week I will have a bonus challenge to add some beauty into your life, you might even think of this as a little reward for your hard work through out the week. 

Are you ready to clean house? Lets take a look!

Week 1 – No fried foods
Week 2 – A meaningful breakfast
Week 3 – Replace the sweets 
Week 4 – Up the H20
Week 5 – Seeing green

Each Wednesday I will post a little more about what we are tackling that week.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Beach Blue Interiors

I am so ready for summer and all my design envy clearly is too…
Coveting all these looks at the moment. I really love anything that is blue and looks like it just came out of the Hamptons! 

House of Turquoise: Verandah House

Race Recap – Old Agoura 10K

This weekend I ran the Old Agoura 10K and LOVED it!! 

My cousin and I decided to run this race since it was rated at one of the top 10K’s in the country by Runners World and they weren’t kidding!

We stayed at the race hotel in Agoura Hills on Friday night and took advantage of the race shuttles and the jacuzzi. It was almost like a mini vacation. We had a wonderful Italian dinner and then went to sleep for the race.

That morning was easy breezy. We woke up, got dressed, had a little breakfast and made our way to the shuttle. They dropped us off right at the bottom of the start line hill. We made our way up and were at the start. It was so low key, but so well organized. 

My cousin and I pre-race
We ran the lovely 10K which was a bit hilly for my liking, but still beautiful.We ran through the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and meandered through the horse community of Old Agoura. I loved running by the horses – reminded me of home a bit.

We had a small bit where we did some trail running where I literally said out loud – oh this is cute. I did not really mean that…

But the after party of this race made me soooo happy. You finish with all the really fast half marathoners which for me was an extra push to kick some concrete at the end! Then you get your medal and go to the after party. They had salad, burritos, tons of fruit, lemonade, Starbucks, and tons of juices. It was just a great vibe and I personally love any race that ends in a burrito!

We made our way back to the hotel via the awesome shuttle and hit the jacuzzi for some muscle relaxing.

All in all a wonderful mini vaca with a great run!

Bedroom Redux

So I am having a serious case of bedroom boredom… My bedroom is so plain and lacks any and all design. When moving in I completely focused on my living room – which I love but not on my bedroom. It became the home to my art that did not work in the living room and a very bland space. 

My goal is to create a relaxing, functional, yet inspiring space. It function only for dressing and sleeping. It is a big space but the challenges are the one wall is a full length mirrored closet, the opposite is all windows.

Bedroom Redux is going to be my new project that will follow the design and decorating of my new bedroom.

Floor Plan:
Here is the basic idea of the floor plan as it is now. I am fairly sure that the bed will need to stay where it is… But I have a few ideas to play around with and see!

Queen sized bed, dresser, vanity, glass side table, night stand.
The main furniture will not be changing for budget reasons, but they are all very neutral pieces that work well in the space!

My Bed – Erin Cute as A Button Bed
So here we go… off to redo my bedroom and make it a space I love and will be happy to relax in!

So My Birthday Weekend… That Happened

So Gang… I am officially 25 years old!
I had an amazing dinner at The Bazzar at SLS, bottle service at Pour Vous in Hollywood, and spent the day at Burke Williams getting pampered all in all a very good way to end a quarter century!

25 by 25 Update

So everyone I turn 25 on Saturday… thought it was time to catch up on my 25 by 25 list.

Move into my own apartment… just for me!  
Totally did and love everything about it!

Lose 25 pounds. Tough but needed
Well I lost 15 pounds so hey that’s a start!

Run a full marathon. March 9- LA Marathon
Hells yes – I did this one and am officially a marathon runner! 26.2 miles baby!

Throw a dinner party. Just my close friends and some great food.
Sort of – I hosted a brunch, so we will half count this one
Have my teeth whitened.
Um… I still have some time to put on a whitestrip right?

Establish an exercise routine. Something to ignite me again.
Cardiobarre is my new obsession 2x per week!

Clean out my closet. Time to purge… this needs to happen rather quickly.

Pay off all my debt. Student Loans, and Credit Card.
Double woops

Start a car savings fund. Lets face it- I need a new one.
And triple woops
Read 3 more books.
Done darling!
Develop this blog into something I love.
I feel like it is on its way there, half design half geek chic… bring it!

Learn to wake up earlier. Early bird gets the worm… not the snooze button.
Decided this is not going to happen.

Create a budget. And stick to it.
Sort of happened…
Get a good camera.
Thanks mom!

Get life insurance. After my fathers death I decided I needed some to help my mom just in case.
Not yet, but still in motion

Buy a Baylor brick. It takes a nation to build a house this strong!
Got one! And a memorial brick for my dad

Get a small memorial tattoo for my dad. 
Still the plan, but finalizing the idea

Start a series on my blog.

Learn to shoot my dad’s gun.

Buy a new piece of art. A new Grey Malin perhaps…

Finish that thing I have been writing. Oh and then post/publish it!

Talk with my best friend in TX at least every other day in some form.

Take more photos and display them in my house.
Have photos of family and friends all over my new place, makes it feel much homier. 

Go to 3 more concerts.
All good! I love seeing shows in LA!

Do my daily devotional… daily.


On Sunday I ran my first full marathon – 26.2 Miles!! 
Miles 1-15 were beautiful… 16-19 were all right… 20-24 completely and utter hell… Miles 25-26.2 I was not going to be beaten!

I finished, and I am so proud that I completed my first marathon!

Fashion Nerd-Gasm

Basically, I am a very much a high functioning, well hidden, and marvelously dressed nerd… at least until this post. I am for sure Superwholocked and if you do not know what that is well I highly suggest you forgot that you ever heard that word. Further so, I am not the kind of girl to play video games or dungeons and dragons, just throwing that out there…

I love knowing that there are others like me out there who love design and the world of a fan girl, including some of the worlds top designers.
Here are some of my favorites:

Red Valentino Fall 2014

Completely inspired by Snow White – see the whole look book here. From the same people who bring you the beloved Rockstud.

Red Valentino RTW Fall 2014  Red Valentino RTW Fall 2014

Commes des Garcon

I feel like every Disney cray in the fashion world has this hat… Here is Kourtney Kardashian rocking it for The Coveteur photo shoot.


High fashion inspired by everyone’s favorite characters ever!

Buy it here!

Companion Clothing

Dr Who inspired fashion sense…

Buy it here!

Style File: Mollie Ruprecht

Best Dressed: 1stdibs’ Mollie Ruprecht | The Tory Blog

I am completely obsessed with Mollie Ruprecht’s feature in the Tory Burch blog this week.
She is an editor for 1stdibs an online auction house for one of a kind beautiful items, and is the daughter of  Sotheby’s Chairman and CEO William Ruprecht – so I figure she knows what she is doing. I don’t know why but it seems like we should be friends…

Plus she is wearing the bad ass Camille gown by my lady Tory Burch.

Full feature here.

Cheers! Good Design for Good Drinking!

Sometimes it’s ok to judge a book (or a bottle) by its cover.
I just adore people with good design, it’s the marketer in me.