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Hi Guys – Full disclosure this is a scheduled post! I am having way to much fun at Walt Disney World to blog but wanted to make sure you know that you can follow the fun on twitter and instagram.



See ya in a few days!!

A Princess Half Marathon Playlist

Come and jam along as we run!

Spotify Link: PHM 14

Happy 30th David!!

Ok so I have a slight obsession with David Yurman and well when his 30th Anniversary Collection came out I just had to have one. 

One of the plus’s of living in LA is that Rodeo Drive is not some pipe dream it is real and it always has it first.

I currently have the light pink bad boys sitting pretty on my wrist!

Again Happy 30th Anniversary David Yurman. We love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Red-Eye Necessities

Let’s be real here – taking a red-eye flight is never fun, taking one for a race is even worse, which is what I am doing next week… There are a few things you can do to make it better.

one If possible upgrade – last year I was able to fly first class, but this year that wasn’t in the budget, but I could fit preferred main cabin extra in. Hope the extra leg room will make a difference.

two gear – you need stuff to sleep. I highly recommend an eye mask, comfy warm socks, a travel pillow, good ear phones, and a nice drink to help you sleep.

three  entertainment – you want something that will put you to sleep, not keep you entertained until 3am. Think books, documentaries, or only have 1 tv show episode on your device. I also recommend creating a nice calming playlist.

four Cut your caffeine. I do not consider myself a caffeine sensitive person, but still try and stop after lunch.

five hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, white wine, hydrate, hydrate.

Friday Favorites: Princess Half Virtual Blog Hop

Hi All! Today I wanted to share all the amazing bloggers who participated in the Princess Half Marathon Virtual Blog Hop!

Here are a few of the things I learned:

The DisBroads Tweet Up and Meet Up is happening! Also just learned about the DisBroads!

Bathrooms for Princess! This AMAZINGLY helpful info from Run.Walk.FASTPASS.Repeat.
Click here her full report! Super helpful for anyone with a deep seeded fear of port-o-poytys (ie me).

Also Shout Out to my cousin’s blog Healthy Wifeys for Lifey! She wrote about Carb Loading correctly and flying across the country.

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A HUGE thank you to all who participated! So much info and excitement spread for the PRINCESS HALF!! 

runDisney Costumes: Adding Peplums for a Princess

Welcome to Part Two in my runDisney Princess Half Marathon costume special!

Today we are adding peplums to give our costume to extra Princess touch!


Tutu, White Tuelle, Extra Small Clear Hairbands, Marker ,Sewing Kit, and a Lighter

I recommend doing one side first and then repeating. Also this is not seamstress sewing here.

1. Try on your tutu and mark where the sides of your hips are inside the waist band where it will not show.

2. Fold your tuelle length wise, so if gathers and is thick. Band off the top, giving yourself about 3-4 inches of room at the top. Measure 10 inches down and band again.

3.Cut about 1/2 inch above the hair band. Gently burn the edges of the tuelle. Be careful here, you do not want it to catch fire just melt a bit to seal the edges. 

4. Back on your tutu from your hip marks measure 8 inches and mark again. Make sure you measure in the same direction each way.

5. Depending on your tutu you will want to see the best place to sew. I sewed to the waistband under the first layer of the tutu. You will want to cover the edges of the peplum

6. Sewing – Like I said I am no seamstress. I did a basic stitch in the back, then would alternate going through the rubber band and through the white tuelle itself, always going around the band to secure it in place. This is a run costume not project runway, Tim Gunn will not be inspecting your stitch work!

7. Sewing Again – Since I sewed mine under the first layer, I made a few small stitches, sewing the tutu layer 1 and layer 2 together to cover the end of the peplum. I then pulled the top layer of the tutu through the loop in the peplum, so it sits on top!

8. Repeat on opposite side.

9.Rock that tutu girl.

How To Make a runDisney Costume

Today I am talking about the ever important making of the runDisney costume and will walk you through the creation of mine for the 2014 Princess Half Marathon!

Step 1
Figure out who you want to be! Do you want to channel the latest Disney film heroine/hero? Or are you a classic lover? I am running as Cinderella, because I have loved her for as long as I could watch movies. So we have our character!

Step 2
Distinguish your color palette for your character. Cinderella is obviously shades of blue. 
You will need this to be the base of what you are shopping for.
Step 3
Time to go shop! First we are shopping for the base of the costume.
Running Gear – you will need to find the usual running gear in the color palette that you identified above. I like to shop at Target and athletic store outlets. I went with a blue tank top, and have options for both blue shorts and leggings, depending on the temperature. You should use brands you are familiar with take your race wear out for a trial run before the race. Check for any chafing issues and that all is comfortable. Also make sure to consider weather! You will see people running in full out costumes, and they will not be as happy at the end of the race as you will for actually using running gear. Be smart, these clothes will need to go the distance!
Step 4

Now we are shopping for the items that take us from running gear to pretty princesses – or whatever you are shooting for! This can be done through tutus, sparkle skirts, felt add ons, etc. Now – you will want one main item to start building your character.  I am using a blue tutu to serve as Cinderella’s ball gown.Other examples were for our Tweedle Dee and Dum costumes it was a felt bib. I purchased my tutu at the Halloween shop before Halloween, so this does take a bit of planning. I will also be adding peplums to my tutu to give it the extra wow!(Tutorial Here) -> Live on Thursday!

My Cinderella TuTu

Step 5
Now we get to have fun and accessorize! 
For Cinderella I will wear a blue glittery Sweaty Band and a mini crown pushed into my bun.
Currently I am opting out of the gloves – I want my arms to look good in pictures and not be hot.
When it comes to headgear, please remember less is more, you do have to run 13.1 miles in it.
I recommend the mini comb tiaras for running – light and will stay in place. We found ours at the Disney store in Texas. Headbands are great to bring a costume together, and they keep your hair back. I will also get my nails done in pale blue and wear my new Cinderella New Balance Shoes!
Avail Here


  • Lime green top, tutu, wings, GLITTER!!!
Tweedle Dee and Dum and old favorites and great for a pair of runners.
  • Red hat, red bottoms, yellow top, and a felt bib.
Any and all Disney princesses
  • Basic instructions above, just change your colors.
Mickey and Minnie
  • Black top, red bottoms, and ears! Bonus – if you have yellow shoes.
Woody and Jesse
  • Costume stores sell these excellent accessory kits at Halloween – you can add them to running clothes to create your character.

The most important thing is to be creative and love your runDisney costume!
Points for creativity!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us! Make sure you have all your girls covered!
Check out my gift guide for all the little pleasures I would want for Feb 14!

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Best Post Princess Half Cocktails

Hi Everyone and welcome to my new readers from the 
Virtual Disney Princess Half Marathon Blog Hop!

Runner | Cocktail Enthusiast

A tiny bit about me – I am three years running, with the inaugural Tink being my first race. My goal is to run every runDisney race, but no Dopey… yal are just too cool for me. In my real life I market movies, so I think I am a pretty creative gal, who is half way decent at photoshop.

Also I love COCKTAILS!!!! So obviously when it came to finding the best post race cocktail… well you have come to the right place. Now let me put my drink down to finish this post!

Without saying your first cocktail after the race should be good old H20… then the fun stuff.

PictureFinish Line:
At the Princess Half Marathon finish line there is usually a tent with champagne and mimosas… Yes we do get one of these as we sit for a bit and recover from the run.

Post Race Brunch:

Image Source

My groups tradition after any WDW Race is to hit up Kona Cafe for some Tonga Toast and a mimosa! A little bit of orange juice and lot of champagne… I am happy!

Another great option for brunch after the race is The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch at Raglan Road where you can help yourself to a bloody mary… tomatoes are vegetables and science says that veggies are healthy -> conclusion Bloody Mary = Healthy! At Raglan Road they have the Red Eye which is Absolut Pepper, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, and a float of Guinness. Yum!

Any Disney drinker can tell you Epcot is the place to be for drinking fun. Drinking around the world as we call it may as well be the next runDisney event. One that some of my traveling partners are much more trained for. Now any seasoned veteran will know there are tips and tricks to this and instead of telling you them I am going to lead you to the professionals. But do yourself a favor and start in Canada, then enjoy this photo of my crew drinking around the world!

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Best Drink Around the World Sites:
10 Tips for Drinking Around the World
Epcot World Showcase Drinking Guide from Chip & Co
A Handy Dandy Epcot Drinking Checklist
The Epcot Drinking Shirt from Etsy

Find more Princess Half Marathon Fun from other bloggers by clicking the below image!