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Goal Setting: Experienced Runners

As the New Year approaches and resolution season kicks in, the most popular resolutions are always about health. As a runner I can admit that most of us are type A personalities, which means we eat goal setting up like it is a post race meal. Goal setting for runners can be daunting, we are always chasing after something (no pun intended.) But lets break down the common goals for runners and ways to actually achieve them.

Goal 1: Consistency
Do you want to go streaking this year? Or perhaps commit to the early morning miles?

Any runner can tell you that these are habit based goals and is often called “keystone habits” as they reflect adding to your daily routine, like making the bed or having family meals. These habits are often enforced and encouraged by rewards and small wins. Apps like Lift, and Habit Streak can help you to track and can hold you accountable for whatever consistency goal you want to create.

Goal 2: The PR
Every runner has one and is chasing after one. I am the first to admit I am NOT fast, nor do I really care to be. But I still like to challenge myself and perform at my best. Personally my PR is performing at my peak, which is a solid 3:1 to bring me in at 2:30 for a half marathon. Common ways to help gain that PR are tempo runs, weight loss, and weight training. For more ways to help you reach your PR here are 97 ways from other runners.

Goal 3: New Distance…
Wanting to add distance to your New Years goals? Well there is one key to that… TIME!
Time to build additional distance onto your LSR and time to run the extra mileage. I highly recommend using a training plan for embarking on a new distance. Make sure to keep your self injury free with stretching and yoga.

Goal 4: Something Fun!
Set a fun goal for yourself! I met one woman who ran a race in every state the year she turned 50! Have your ever run a runDisney race? DO IT! Hell, Coast to Coast!
Run a Halloween race in costume. Do a run out of the country… or simple run a 5k with family who are just starting to run. I am a strong believer that you have to keep some fun in the run!

25 Before I Am 25

With New Years resolutions looming in on us… I have decided to focus on what I want to accomplish before I turn 25 – on March 15 2014. 

  1. Move into my own apartment… just for me! Happening Jan 3
  2. Lose 25 pounds. Tough but needed.
  3. Run a full marathon. March 9- LA Marathon
  4. Throw a dinner party. Just my close friends and some great food.
  5. Have my teeth whitened.
  6. Establish an exercise routine. Something to ignite me again.
  7. Clean out my closet. Time to purge… this needs to happen rather quickly.
  8. Pay off all my debt. Student Loans, and Credit Card.
  9. Start a car savings fund. Lets face it- I need a new one.
  10. Read 3 more books.
  11. Develop this blog into something I love.
  12. Learn to wake up earlier. Early bird gets the worm… not the snooze button.
  13. Create a budget. And stick to it.
  14. Get a good camera.
  15. Get life insurance. After my fathers death I decided I needed some to help my mom just in case.
  16. Buy a Baylor brick. It takes a nation to build a house this strong!
  17. Get a small memorial tattoo for my dad. 
  18. Start a series on my blog.
  19. Learn to shoot my dad’s gun.
  20. Buy a new piece of art. A new Grey Malin perhaps…
  21. Finish that thing I have been writing. Oh and then post/publish it!
  22. Talk with my best friend in TX at least every other day in some form.
  23. Take more photos and display them in my house.
  24. Go to 3 more concerts.
  25. Do my daily devotional… daily.


Hello Everyone,

I am Mallory, or Mal, or Mallory Ann.

This is my final blog home. Some of you may have known me from my days at Preppy Beach Chic others from my running blog. But here it is – the final blog, and here is the recipe.

Mix 1 part design, 1 part lifestyle, add a pinch of running, and garnish with some magic.

Yes this is a design lifestyle blog, that just also happens to feature healthy living, running, and a bit of Disney love.

So what can I say, I am tired of compartmentalizing my life, here it is, every aspect of me…


Mallory Ann